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1. LADY TAMELLA (Assistant) - ONLY $30! An excellent upgrade to your party of 5 or more children. Our owner, Tammy (Lady Tamella) is in full costume/character and will enhance and organize your party so the visiting princess can spend more time with the B-Day Girl and her guests. Tammy comes highly recommended by many, many parents.

TAMELLAS CHARACTER: She has trained princesses for centuries on etiquette and manners and has made your child's favorite princesses who they are today. Lady Tamella loves to answer all the children's questions, and they find her to be kind, lovely and very interesting! Extras with Tamella's visit are listed below.

  • Tamella will announce the princesses arrival
  • She will set up party area and make sure it's ready for the princess and the children
  • She will answer knowledgeably any questions that the mom or her guests may have regarding the party and or princess company
  • She will make all royal announcements to inform all the guests of upcoming activitities
  • She will assist the princess during makeover's, sing a long time and game time
  • She will organize photo time (so the princess, or you do not have to) ensuring all children are properly lined up for their princess photos. She will also bring a fun princess photo prop
  • She will bring a special treasure for each child present
  • She will take care of final payment and any administrative functions so the princess can spend more time with the children and give a proper farewell

Lady Tamella is an enchanted addition to any party package, and is unbelievably affordable for such a royal touch!

2. AUTOGRAPH CARDS - $7 Every child (up to 15 children) will receive an enchanting princess "keepsake" card that the princess will personally autograph

Each favor contains:

Mini Mason Jar (A great keepsake) Princess Pencil
Princess Sticker Sheet Mini Princess Erasers (3)
Candy Bracelet Candy Ring
Mini Wand Heart Hair Clip

4. SIMPLE "CHEEK" PAINTING (By Lady Gweneviere) - $40

5. BIRTHDAY GIRL SERENADE - $20 Lady Tamella will serenade ("So this is love" from Cinderella) the birthday girl and her daddy, as they take their first dance together. After their magical dance, Tamella will give daddy a carnation and princess crown to present to his little princess. This is a precious moment, and there is never a dry eye...

6. SPARKLE CD - $8 Eleven favorite princess classics, recorded by Tammy, along with an original story read by "Beauty" and a cute game and fun song by Snow White. This CD will be autographed especially for the Birthday Girl, by the visiting princess!

7. SPARKLE PRINCESS T-SHIRT - $8 Purple T-Shirt says: "Sparkle like a princess, with Something Enchanted"

8. NECKLACE - $6 Your choice of: Princess Pendant or Pixie Dust Jar

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Disclaimer: We are pleased to provide princess entertainment! It is not our intention to violate copyright laws, so we attempt to make each character different from nationally known, copyrighted characters using uniquely designed gowns, tiaras, hairstyles, etc. Please note that Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid are folk tales that are centuries old and are not owned by Disney...

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