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She is mysterious, powerful and majestic. Though she is difficult to get to know, she is
loving, kind and makes a perfect Queen. When she arrives to your special event, you will know that you have experienced Royalty, for she has a regal aire about her.

Just seeing Kira's little face and hugging you and enjoying you was priceless! Thank you soon much for your beautiful, amazing voice! Wow, it was stunning!  Your speaking voice was also very soothing, you really got the kids to calm down and listen!

Kira has been talking about you for the last month and still talks about having another party with you!
Thank you again so much for making my daughters day magical!


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Snow Princess: She is completely opposite from her sister, Elsa. She's more clumsy than graceful and although she is a princess, she is often awkward, yet fearless. But you'll never find a better friend, not to mention a funnier princess.

We had the pleasure of having Princess Anna today at my daughters birthday party. She was more then amazing with every child and I loved the extra attention she gave to my birthday girls.  I can't thank you enough for making this birthday the best ever :)

Vaness R

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"Singing Princess" Sample


Snow White Frame

Snow White is truly the "fairest of them all".  Her outer natural beauty is only matched by an inner beauty that outshines even the diamonds and jewels that come from the Seven Dwarf's Mine.  She is known though out the land as the most innocent, pure hearted and sweetest Princess to ever grace the kingdom.  She loves to sing and dance and loves children.  

"A magical visit, an enchanted event, a glorious story and an angelic voice.... I could go on and on about how special Snow White made my granddaughter's special day! She still tells anyone who'll listen that Snow White came to HERRRR Birthday party. Tammy is a truly special person with a genuinely sweet spirit and love of children and music and it shows! I can not thank her enough for how special my lil beauty felt and feels...." Michele G., Selma, CA

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Island Princess Frame


Our Island Princess is adventurous, and is a very determined young lady. She loves to hula dance and teach other young princesses her favorite hula dance moves. She loves to play games and is lots of fun to be around!

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A little late but let me just say, AMAZING!!!! We celebrated my granddaughter's 3rd birthday and surprised her with Princess Moana. An absolute must for any Island Princess!!! Everything was great from the booking to watching my lil princess' eyes light up the moment she laid eyes on her very own princess!!!! We will definitely book again!!!! Very professional and super super sweet!!!
Thanks again Tammy and Moana for making Avery's day extra special!!



Cinderella is a perfect lady.  She is kind, loving, patient and has a very soft spoken voice that is calm and gentle.  Just like her friend Snow White, she loves animals, dancing and singing.  Cinderella is as compassionate as she is lovely. 

"Tammy was awesome. I will be recommending her to anyone I can! My 5 year old was surprised she came and after she entered, my daughter came up to me and said "I invited the real Cinderella to my party!" When Tammy sang, my daughter could not take her eyes off of her. Very enchanting indeed. She kept them busy for 1 1/2 hours...just great! If you are considering hiring anyone, hire her. You won't be disappointed." Keri B., Fresno, CA

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Little Mermaid Frame


Ariel is crazy about your world! Although she loves where she's from (under the sea) she loves to explore all the wonderful things that life on land has to offer. She loves to explore and her treasure collection is full of who's it's and what's it's galore! When she's not attending parties, you might just find her down by the sea...   


"We booked Ariel for our daughter's fourth birthday party and it was a wonderful event. From the beginning to the end of the party, our little girl and her friends had a great time with Ariel. I highly recommend Something Enchanted for your next birthday event, We are excited to have a different princess next year!"  Rawan A., Visalia, CA

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When Princess Belle first enters, you will know by her appearance and her grace that she is a true Princess!  She is very kind and caring, soft spoken yet outspoken when she needs to be.  She will be the first one to teach kindness, respect and manners. 

I hired Princess Belle to come to my little Anna's 4th birthday. Not only were her prices unbeatable but when I saw her come in (along with my guests), we all thought she was amazing! She was a natural Belle and every child enjoyed her and were smitten by her. Without a doubt Tammy is the best. Trust me, I have shopped around and she is the real thing!  Thank you Tammy for making Anna's birthday so special. I will recommend you till the cows come home!

Cheri, Fresno, CA

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Rapunzel is not afraid to take care of herself. All she needs is Pascal and a good frying pan...Just ask Flynn! Rapunzel loves to paint, crochet, bake, dance and go to birthday party's and eat cake. She is full of energy and is liked by everyone!

"What an awesome experience for my 4 year old daughter…she loved the visit to her school…she can’t stop talking about how Rapunzel came to her school and gave her a special bracelet…thank you again, this was worth every penny!!!!" Suzanne R., Coalina, CA

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Jasmine is a free spirited young lady. She longs to leave behind her controlled and sheltered life and have an adventure or two (with Aladdin of course). Although she is a princess, she doesn't let that spoil her fun and makes sure to allow time for a magic carpet ride to explore a whole new world!

"I hired Jasmine for my daughter's 6th birthday. When Jasmine arrived, my daughter was in complete awe as it was a surprise. She kept the children engaged and entertained the entire time. I would definitely hire Something Enchanted again!" Amy H., Visalia, CA

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Merida is not your typical princess. She would rather be running wild and practice her archery skills, then attend a coronation. She is fun to be around and very playful indeed. And although she is a wee bit difficult to understand, everyone enjoys being around Merida!


Barbie: You say "party" and Barbie's there! She's a fun and loving girl who loves to shop and talk about fashion and beauty. She's beautiful on the outside but kind and caring on the inside. She will make any slumber Party or Glamour Party the talk of the town!




Alice is a young girl who often likes to day dream. She is bold, witty and curious which often leads to trouble. Alice loves to attend tea party's and play games, but nonsense. For this, she has little tolerance.



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